At the parents’ request, ImproveCareNow patients co-authored a list of What We Wish Our Parents Knew navigating IBD through our teenage years.

What We Wish our Parent Knew

Having your body at the center of ongoing medical scrutiny is not the ideal situation in which to develop an individual and autonomous body image.

Body Image & IBD

As healthcare providers, we want our young adults to successfully navigate the health care system as independent individuals. The process of transitioning from pediatric to adult-centered health care should be seamless, and should occur when the adolescent or young adult is in a stable place, both physically and emotionally.

Transitioning to Adult Care Provider

Preparing for college testing during high school may take some extra planning. If you have a 504 plan, you still need to apply for accommodations. Test requirements vary, so make sure you have detailed information about accommodations for the test, restroom access, food /drink availability and more.  

College Testing Accommodations

This sample letter is an example of how a parent and physician worked to make sure a patient was accommodated in a residence hall

Dorm Room Request Example

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