ImproveCareNow is transforming care, health and costs for all children and youth with IBD through continuous improvement, innovation and discovery. Here is a snapshot of some of the projects that are currently happening.


ImproveCareNow is conducting the first prospective randomized clinical trial to evaluate whether, for kids with Crohn's disease who need to start an anti-TNF medication, adding another medication called Methotrexate leads to better outcomes. Funded by PCORI.

PCORnet Patient Powered Research Network

ImproveCareNow is creating a Patient Powered Research Network (PPRN), increasing the role of patients and parents in the governance of ImproveCareNow, setting research priorities, participating in clinical research and providing reports of their health (patient reported outcomes, or PRO). Funded by PCORI. 

Adalimumab Concomitant Therapy

Using data from the ImproveCareNow Registry (ICN2), this collaborative study examines the frequency and variation in the use of immunomodulator therapy (azathioprine, 6-MP and methotrexate) with adalimumab (Humira). Funded by AbbVie.

Adalimumab Effectiveness Study

Using data from the ImproveCareNow Registry (ICN2), this collaborative study will examine the effectiveness of adalimumab in the treatment of pediatric Crohn's disease. Funded by AbbVie.

Quality Improvement Projects

In addition to receiving robust quality improvement (QI) training, physicians, other care providers, and parent and patient partners benefit from active collaboration with other centers, allowing them to adapt the best ideas to their setting. ImproveCareNow registry data enables these teams to analyze care and outcomes across their entire patient population and to target group of patients and individuals with tailored interventions. Read more here.

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