Understanding Pediatric GI Providers' Perceptions of and Engagement with Psychosocial Providers in Pediatric IBD Care

Jennie David, Ellen Sejkora, Hilary Michel, Laura Mackner

Multicenter Evaluation of Patterns of and Reasons for Biologic Medication Discontinuation Among Children with Crohn's Disease

Jeremy Adler, Jana Creps, Dianne Singer, Michaella Baker, Sabina Ali, Archana Anandakrishnan, Madeline Ford, Joanne Ginley, Jess Kaplan, Jonathan Moses, Charles Samson, David Suskind, Becca Trombler, Brad Pasternak

Disparities in Height at the Time of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Diagnosis

Joann Samalik, Jeremy Adler

Autoimmune Liver Disease Network for Kids (A-LiNK): Building a Learning Health Network within ImproveCareNow

Amy Taylor, James Squires, Cyd Castro Rojas, Shehzad Saeed, Kristin Howe, Mary Bauer, Lauren McClain, Mallory Moor, Jane Weyer, Christine Browner, Nicole Weyer, Fionna Kopp, Alexander Weymann, Sakil Kulkarni, Emily Perito, Heli Bhatt, Gillian Noel, Evelyn Hsu, Katelyn Saarela, Nitika Gupta, Leina Alrabadi, Mary Ayers, Mosab Alquraish, Saeed Mohammad, Peter Margolis, Alexander Miethke

Comparative Effectiveness of Ustekinumab Versus Vedolizumab in Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitor-Exposed Pediatric Patients with Ulcerative Colitis

Perseus Patel, Balu Bhasuran, Sofia Verstraete, Melvin Heyman, Atul Butte, Vivek Rudrapatna

Factors Impacting Pediatric Gastroenterologists Approach to Biosimilar Utilization in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Care 

Ross Maltz, Madeline McClinchie, Brendan Boyle, Megan McNicol, Grant Morris, Erin Crawford, Jonathan Moses, Sandra Kim

Feasibility of Using Real-World Data from the ImproveCareNow Registry to Examine the Efficacy of Ustekinumab for Pediatric Crohn's Disease 

Steven Steiner, Richard Strauss, Richard Colletti, Eileen King, Shiran Chen, Kelly Olano, Robert Baldassano, Stanley Cohen, Michael Kappelman, Shehzad Saeed, Yiting Wang, Sheri Volger

Fear of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Adolescents and Young Adults with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Relationship to Psychological and Physical Outcomes

Nicole Neiman, Kavya Anjur, Ann Ming Yeh, Rachel Bensen, Anava Wren

Enteral Nutrition as Primary Therapy of Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the USA

Amer Sajed, Shehzad Saeed, Richard B. Colletti, Gigi Veereman

Changing Use of Biologic Medications and Associated Outcomes for Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Jeremy Adler, MD

Predictors of Treatment Completion in Online Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Well-Being

French, N. J., Stromberg, A. R., Albury E. A., Stephan, N. J., George, N., Shannon, A. P., Yu, C., Rabideau, D. J., Pitch, L., Lunn, M. R., Obedin-Maliver, J., Sylvia, L. G., & Nierenberg, A. A.

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