Accommodations for Students (K-12 & Higher Ed), Employees & Everyday Life

Many patients with IBD experience difficulties in school, work and everyday life because of barriers such as frequent absences/extended sick leave, trouble concentrating due to symptoms, or needing to take time off for appointments, surgeries or procedures. Accommodations can provide individuals living with IBD extra support, flexibility and/or modifications necessary to help address these challenges.

Download the Accommodations Toolkit 

Download the Accommodations Highlight - a one-pager with highlights from the 23-page resource.

College & IBD

Navigating the transition to college can be overwhelming, especially if you’re dealing with a chronic illness like IBD. This toolkit identifies resources to make the process less stressful. Whether you’re a high schooler, in college, or a family member, this handbook can help guide you through the process. Find information about choosing the right school, preparing for college, and surviving classes, dorms, and dining with IBD!

Download the College & IBD Toolkit

Dorm Room Request

This sample letter is an example of how a parent and physician worked to make sure a patient was accommodated in a residence hall

Dorm Room Request Example

At the parents’ request, ImproveCareNow patients co-authored a list of What We Wish Our Parents Knew navigating IBD through our teenage years.

What We Wish our Parent Knew

Having your body at the center of ongoing medical scrutiny is not the ideal situation in which to develop an individual and autonomous body image.

Body Image Toolkit 

A resource created by members of Patient Advisory Council of ImproveCareNow. The
purpose of this toolkit is to share personal experiences of body image issues from teens
and young adults living with IBD. This toolkit includes stories from PAC members, in
which they talk about the ways in which IBD treatments/medication, surgeries, and
comments from others have impacted how they perceive their own body.

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The Patient Advisory Council (PAC) has created a new web resource focusing on Lifestyle and IBD.  

With this new web resource, the PAC hopes to:

💚 inspire healthcare teams to explore and embrace the importance of treating the whole patient, by considering and having conversations about the varied implications of IBD on patient lifestyle

💙 provide patients, family, caregivers, and friends with a resource they can use to increase their understanding of the many ways IBD touches the lives of those who live with it

💚 connect with those who feel lonely and unseen, by sharing stories and experiences that resonate and provide value and validation

💙 delve into social justice topics, such as increasing resource accessibility for patients in under-resourced communities, driving conversation and change in ImproveCareNow and the larger healthcare system.

Check out the Lifestyle and IBD Web resource!

LOOP is the official blog of ImproveCareNow. It's a place where patients, parents, clinicians, researchers, improvers and friends share their #myICN stories. We have organized these posts in various categories, and you can use this LOOP Directory to read more about topics that interest you!

⭐ Members of the Patient Advisory Council (PAC) have shared their stories and together with ImproveCareNow the PAC has created resources to help others talk about their experience with IBD.

Crohn’s and Colitis Storybook 

Why It’s Important to talk about IBD  - Video Series 

PAC Stories on LOOP

imPACt Podcast

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As healthcare providers, we want our young adults to successfully navigate the health care system as independent individuals. The process of transitioning from pediatric to adult-centered health care should be seamless, and should occur when the adolescent or young adult is in a stable place, both physically and emotionally.

The Transfer Toolkit

The Transfer Toolkit is a 10-page document collaboratively created in 2018 by the Transition-Transfer Innovation Community and reviewed by the Patient Advisory Council and Clinical Practice Committee. Developed by patients and clinicians together, The Transfer Toolkit includes sections that cover important skills and considerations for adolescents approaching the point of transfer to adult care, self-advocacy tips, and more. Each section also includes relevant patient narratives to provide encouragement and real-life advice.

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Transitioning to Adult Care Provider

To Nudge or to Push

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