Use your secure, professional email address to register

Use the activation code BETTERTOGETHER when registering to join

Be sure to check out these additional resources: 

Once you’ve registered, you can join a workgroup to collaborate with your colleagues.

In addition to being able to request access to the new registry, registering for the ICN Hub is necessary to continue collaborating with ICN centers, colleagues, and teams for several reasons:  

  1. The Hub replaced the Exchange and Slack. The Hub is a secure, online space where you can connect with other ICN care teams, colleagues, patients, parents & collaborators. 
  2. The Hub is also replacing the Portal. Integral components of the Portal (such as the Contact Management System and Learning Lab pages) will be migrated to the Hub in the near future. 
  3. The Hub will streamline our communications. We will use Hub accounts to manage ICN network communications, making sure the right information gets to the right people.  

How to Whitelist 

If is inaccessible within your institution or emails have been blocked, we strongly encourage you to proactively reach out to your Information Technology (IT) department and ask that the website and/or email domain be whitelisted within your network.  Whitelisted simply means that the domain has been identified as an approved site for users to access from within the network. 

Hive Networks has provided ICN with an Information Security White Paper, which can be included with any requests to your IT department in case there are security concerns.  If the IT department has any concerns, they can reach out to ICN by emailing [email protected].

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