Please contact us if you'd like a copy of any presentation listed below. 

CME/CNE Handout

Transition & Transfer Breakfast | Presentation

8:00-8:25 am | Welcome and Opening PlenaryPresentation

8:25-9:05 am | Innovation and Mastery: Re-organizing to Improve, Build Capacity and Generate New Knowledge to Close Gaps in Outcomes | Presentation

9:15-10:30 am | ImproveCareNow Pathways Part I: Introductions and Overview Pathway to Mastery Design | KDD Template | FMEA Template | 5 Whys Template
Pathway 1: Achieving 75% Population Registration | Presentation | KDD Review | LL Review
Pathway 2: Achieving 82% Remission | Presentation | KDD Review | LL Review
Pathway 3: Achieving Sustained Remission | Presentation | KDD Review | LL Review

10:50-11:50 am | ImproveCareNow Pathways Part II: Learning Lab Development and Selection | Charter Template
Pathway 1: Achieving 75% Population Registration | Presentation | Impact Matrix
Pathway 2: Achieving 82% Remission | Presentation | Impact Matrix
Pathway 3: Achieving Sustained Remission | Presentation | Impact Matrix

12:00-12:30 pm | Tools to Build a Culture of Improvement – Turning Common Sense into Common Practice | Presentation

1:30-2:30 pm | Learn, Do, Share: Skills and Special Topic Breakouts I
Research: Research improvement – Hardwiring your System for Results PresentationFMEA Template
QI: The Model for Improvement and Aim Setting | Presentation 
QI: Using QI Tools to Increase the Flu Vaccine Rate | Presentation 
Data: Mastering Hospitalization Data – Improving and Future Design | Presentation
Engagement: If you Build it...They will Come: Blueprint for Successful Collaboration and Center Engagement
Clinical: Decision Making and Outcomes of Thiopurine Treated IBD Patients | Presentation
Other: Mental Health and IBD – Supporting Patients at Home and in Clinic | Presentation

2:40-3:20 pm | Engagement and Outcomes – What we Know, What we don’t Know, and What’s Working in the Field | Presentation

3:50-5:00 pm | Role-Specific Breakouts
Physicians and Advanced Practice Clinicians | Presentation 
Psychosocial Professionals 
Registered Dietitians 
Improvement Coordinators | Presentation 
Parent Working Group 
Patient Advisory Council 

5:00-5:05 pm | Wrap Up and Evaluation


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