IBD patients should continue to see a primary care doctor (general pediatrician) for well-child visits. This doctor will review and offer all appropriate immunizations.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers easy-to-print schedules for regular childhood immunizations and "maintenance". These are good resources for parents and patients to keep track of their vaccine schedule. You can access them here:

Infants and Children (birth through 6 years)

Preteens & Teens (7 through 18 years)

Adults (19 and older)  

It is important to note: Patients taking immunosuppressant drugs (such as prednisone, 6MP, Methotrexate, biologic agents like Remicade or Enbrel) CANNOT receive a "live vaccine" because they can become ill as a result of the vaccine. This is especially important during fall when the flu vaccine is recommended. The intranasal flu vaccine (flu mist) is a live vaccine and should NOT be given to patients taking immunosuppressant drugs.

Yearly flu shots are encouraged for kids with IBD because the flu can be very serious in someone taking immunosuppressant drugs or who has a chronic illness.  Also, because the flu is a viral infection it can stimulate the immune system and could cause a flare.

-ImproveCareNow Nurses Group

Concerned about keeping your classroom healthy? Here's a sample letter to use for school.

Eating healthfully and in appropriate amounts will improve IBD symptoms, contribute to age-appropriate growth, and decrease risk of anemia, poor bone density, and vitamin/mineral deficiencies. It can also increase effectiveness of IBD medications.

Learn more about the role diet can play in your health and about resources that can help you stay on track.

Learn more about the role probiotics play in overall gut health and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Learn more about the Personalized Learning System and testing probiotic effect on stool urgency.

Learn more about Iron Deficiency and IBD. 

Toolkits & Resources


Many IBD patients and their families are concerned about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impact it may have on their lives, their care and their wellbeing. We'd like to share some information that may be useful to you:

Information about the novel coronavirus (COVID -19) for IBD patients and families

Coronavirus Perspectives - LOOP Posts written by the ImproveCareNow Community about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected them. 

Please note: IBD patients and families seeking specific information about the novel coronavirus and their medical care are advised to communicate directly with their care team. While ImproveCareNow is not in the business of providing direct medical advice, we are in the business of connecting people, learning together and sharing information seamlessly.

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