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Camp Oasis gave us back our daughter

Camp Oasis transformed our daughter and became an "oasis" in her IBD journey. I am honored to share my experiences as a parent and provide tips and takeaways to providers and parents about sending your child or teen to a safe and transformative place.

Camp Oasis provides a safe and fun environment for children and young adults with IBD

I first started as a volunteer physician for the Minnesota/Dakotas chapter of Camp Oasis shortly after finishing fellowship almost 20 years ago. I have since been the co-medical director in Minnesota, and now serve the North Texas/Oklahoma chapter. I have also served on the Camp Oasis advisory board for the past 6 years.

I decided it was time to own my disease

My name is Talia; I am a high school student. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (UC) in May of 2016. Many people don't know that I have a creative side, and that I draw and paint for fun.  

The Helpers

It’s June 3rd. And it has been 24 hours since I’ve been home. Far from bugs, insects, snakes, coyotes (which I disappointingly did not see), and beautifully, loud, energetic children. It has been 24 hours since I have returned from Camp Oasis. It has been 24 hours since all those helpers, my fellow counselors, have left camp and gone back to the inevitable “real life.” But I know even in their real lives, they will continue to be helpers, just as they were at camp.

Our involvement with ICN has been a family affair

Hello Fellow Improvers! I am Nicole and I have been part of the ICN Community for four years. During this time, I’ve been grateful to enjoy several Community Conferences and have been an active participant in improving care both at the national level with the ICN Parent Working Group (PWG) and locally as the Co-Lead of the Parent/Patient Advisory Team (PPAT) at my care center in Massachusetts. I'm pleased to introduce my family to you!

Making lemonade

Our son, Grant was an extremely active 13-year-old who played lacrosse and tennis, mountain biked and skied. It was hard to believe he had a disease when he looked and acted so healthy. What caught our attention was an abscess that would not heal. After three surgeries, a series of tests, and a colonoscopy, it was confirmed Grant did, indeed, have Crohn’s disease.

Learning to be comfortable with Crohn's

Hi, I’m Linden. I’m 14, love Broadway music and being part of the show choir at my high school, and I have Crohn’s disease.

A GI’s perspective: Take steps to engage your IBD care team and find support

I’m Dr. Ashish Patel, Director of the Southwestern Pediatric IBD Center at Children’s HealthSM and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at UT Southwestern. As a physician, I’ve seen firsthand how important it is for patients and their families to have a positive, supportive partnership with their care providers.

Not Letting Crohn’s Take Control


Hi, my name is Natalie and I’m a high school sophomore from Columbia, MD. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 10 years old. I’m passionate about music – I play the trumpet in my school’s marching band, as well as the piano and ukulele.

Camp Oasis: Life-Long Memories


If I knew then what I know now, going away to camp would be a whole different story. I was never one who liked being away from home-especially at night. The thought of being far away from home (in a completely different state mind you) and spending the night not in my bed was completely out of the question. I was not going to leave the comfort and security of my own home. Oh, how I wish I would have convinced myself to participate sooner.

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