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Let’s test it now…

Quote from Lexa Fenster, PAC member and Co-Designer of Digital Tools to Support Your Team

I looked around the breakout room at our recent Community Conference, at the group of people learning together about using digital tools, and was pleased to see 90% of the room had whipped out their cell phones and started downloading a new app that had just been talked about. I thought to myself only at an ImproveCareNow Community Conference can you find an entire room ready to try out a new tool together. These moments - whether they are at an in-person conference, on a webinar, or in clinic - epitomize the often used ICN slogan “share seamlessly and steal shamelessly.”

First, we share and steal, then we test!

What are Engagement trainings?

ImproveCareNow Community Engagement Learning Series (CELS) trainings were designed by patients, parents, clinicians, and ImproveCareNow staff to share best practices and new skills. Whether you are just getting started or have an established team, you will get something out of these trainings. Each session presents new skills, and provides a chance to work with others to plan how to implement what you learned at your center. Each CELS training is designed to empower you to connect more patients and parents to your team, to build relationships, develop leaders, and share information that improves lives.

The strength of our community

I always get nervous before group meetings. I worry that no one will show up or that the material won’t be helpful. Last Wednesday was no exception. When I walked into a conference room at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital I was nervous but shouldn’t have been. I was greeted by smiles, waves, and pizza.

I felt comfortable, accepted, and ready to learn.

ImproveCareNow Launches NEW Community Engagement Learning Series

ImproveCareNow Engagement Campaign Director, Chris Keck, has announced that four Community Engagement Learning Series (CELS) trainings will be offered in summer 2018. CELS trainings - designed collaboratively by patients, parents, clinicians and ImproveCareNow staff members - are intended for interested ICN community members and teams as a way to share best practices and introduce new skills in an active learning environment. Summer 2018 sessions will focus on volunteer recruitment, team and relationship building, leadership development and using personal storytelling to explain and make change in health care.

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