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You can make a difference! Get involved with ImproveCareNow and learn more about how to join our CIRCLE!

THEY CARE! THEY CARE! We know that Grandma and Grandpa care, and aunts and uncles; friends and teachers if we’re lucky. But to have a national group of Doctors, Nurses, QI professionals, IT gurus, etc. actually make it their JOB to work towards making MY child’s quality of life better TODAY…I cannot express the gratitude I feel for that!!

- Jamie Hicks, Parent


“When I learned about ImproveCareNow, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. I joined the PAC because I know the patient’s voice is the most important and I want to be able to advocate patients in a way I never have through my other involvement. I am incredibly excited for this opportunity!”

– Missy O’Doherty, Patient


“Through their [Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters] efforts and involvement in ICN, I have been able to continue with my life while not having to fear my IBD, and I hope to be able to help others in the same way through PAC."

 – Kolin Kulzer, Patient 


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“I am looking forward to helping to spread awareness of IBD. As the years go by, I am meeting more and more people that are affected by IBD and it astonishes me.”

– Samara Singer, Patient


"I have lived with ulcerative colitis since 14 and know what a difference it can make for a young patient to feel involved in his/her care. ICN is at the forefront of the collaborative care movement and I feel honored to be a part of it."

- Sami Kennedy, Patient


"With collaborative healthcare, the chances of obtaining and maintaining remission increase, and that means more time to enjoy all the best things in life!"

- Erica, Patient


"I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease when I was 9. I didn't know what it was or how we were going to handle this. When I went to my physician he explained to me that I had many options in handling this disease. He has made me so much more confident when it comes to handling this disease. I now want to be the one to find the cure for Crohn's and I want to help other kids who suffer with the disease. ImproveCareNow is an amazing resource for patients and parents with Crohn's disease and I thank God every day for the people who made Improve Care Now a reality."

- Hayley, age 15, Delaware, OH

"Pediatric gastroenterologists have collaborated with patients with IBD and their families, researchers, and nurses to create a superlative state-of-the-science learning health care system. It’s called ImproveCareNow. In just a few years, ImproveCareNow has become the leading learning health system for children in the nation, and perhaps the world."

- Christopher B. Forrest, MD, PhD, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


"Being part of ImproveCareNow has been awesome; it's made an enormous difference. I see that within my own practice. And the beauty of this collaborative effort is that you don't have to create everything on your own. You find that other people have had some really good ideas that you can apply to your own patients, and that other teams can benefit from our experiences too."

- John Grunow, MD, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK


"In addition to seeing patients, I do research. And when you do research, there's this period of time where you're translating what you're learning into patient care. What interested me in joining ImproveCareNow was the opportunity to do something that has a rapid impact on patient outcomes. In just a short time, we've seen our outcomes change, we've seen a higher percentage of our patients in remission, and I think that's real. For me it's very powerful to be able to go into the tools and say, these are the patients in our center who aren't doing well right now, it's not time for their visit yet, but I can still pull them up and look through it, and decide if maybe there's other things that could be done. And that can happen in real time rather than waiting until they come to see me again. And while I'm fully supportive of research, and I think that that's a real key to advancing care for these people, I don't see these as mutually exclusive things. Because when we get that exciting new drug, or that exciting new treatment, you still have to take that and plug it into a real-world scenario, and introduce that care to people, and see how it works in the real world. And I think quality improvement provides us with a way to transition from that research to actually implementing the results of that research."

- Wallace Crandall, MD, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, OH


"When I sit in a room with other people taking care of patients like this, most of us know the same things, and we know the drugs, and everybody in the room has the skills. But what many of us lacked were the tools to really elevate the level of care on a day-to-day basis for every patient. With ImproveCareNow, we haven't invented any new drugs; it's just applying and managing what we did already in a far better way. And one of the best things in the collaborative effort is that you get help on every level, and we can apply these skills to everything we do to take care of patients. I think we're much more likely to succeed. Life has gotten better, I think, for the vast majority of patients."

- Ian Leibowitz, MD, Pediatric Specialists of Virginia, Fairfax, VA


"When physicians and their care teams start working with the ImproveCareNow collaborative, they really aren’t sure if they can accomplish the bold goals that the collaborative has set out. As they work to make changes, they come to realize that they can actually do much more than they thought they could. The collaborative builds on clinicians' motivation to provide the best care they can. The teams that are part of the collaborative are creating a new system of care delivery that will allow GI practices to detect problems when they're having them, and fix them in real time. We are just beginning to unleash all the knowledge that can come out of our collaboration. Patients and their families will be able to count on receiving the most reliable, evidence-based care that is available today and that new discoveries will rapidly be translated into care as soon as they emerge."

- Peter Margolis, MD, PhD, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH


"Let's put our teams to work and make the dream work.  Be the voice of ImproveCareNow, driving change for sick kids to feel better."

- Tania M. from Nationwide Children's Hospital


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