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All videos are posted on the Pathable website. If you attended/registered for the conference, you can use the profile you created. If you have not already registered, you will need to create a profile first to access to the videos. Once on the Pathable site, navigate to the Schedule or use the direct links below to find the video for each session.  Reach out to [email protected] if you have questions, or if a video or presentation is not yet available. 

Thursday, September 24

12:30 pm | Welcome | Video

12:45 pm | State of the Network and Executive Director Address | Video (begins at 12:07)

1:05 pm | Pathway to Mastery and Advancement| Video (begins at 43:08) | Presentation

1:25 pm | Ignite Talk - Pam, parent | Video (begins at 59:15)

1:45 pm | Community Proposed Breakouts I

    Clinical: Ongoing Latent Tuberculosis Screening in Patients on Biologic Therapy | Video

    Data: Data 101 for Parents

    Engagement: Resilience, Vulnerability, and Validation – A  Patient Perspective | Presentation

    QI Trailblazers: Rapid Pace Learnings – COVID-19 Learning Lab Lessons | Video | Presentation

     Research: Investigator Initiated Study Update | Video

     Transition: Utilization of E-health Visits to Improve Transition Readiness Outcomes among IBD Adolescent and Young Adult Population | Video

     2020 Vision: Self Care in Isolation | Video | Presentation

2:45 pm | Role Specific Breakouts

       Improvement Coordinators | Video


       Parent Working Group

       Patient Advisory Council | Presentation

       Physicians and Advanced Practice Clinicians | Video | Presentation

       Registered Dietitians | Presentation

       Social Workers and Psychologists | Video

3:45 pm | The IBD Medical Home: It Takes a Village | Video

3:50 pm | Ustekinumab Real World Evidence: An ICN Multi-Center Study | Video (begins at 24:05) | INPUT Study Presentation

4:35 pm | End of Day Wrap-Up and Stakeholder Group Transition | Video (begins at 43:05) | Presentation

Friday, September 25

10:30 am | Nestle Pre-Conference Symposium: New Treatment Strategies and Insights with the Crohn’s Disease Exclusion Diet (CDED) | Video | Presentation

11:30 am | Welcome | video not available

11:55 am | Understanding Disparities in the ICN Community and Why this Matters | video not available

12:15 pm | Ignite Talk: Dr. Saeed, physician; Christian, patient; Dr. Moulton, physician | Video (begins at 3:07, some of Dr. Saeed's talk was not recorded) Presentation

12:35 pm | Disparity Data and Call to Action | Video (begins at 17:11)

1:10/2:10 pm | Community Proposed Breakouts II

Clinical: Social Anxiety in times of COVID-19 | Video | Presentation

How is COVID-19 affecting ICN data? | Video

Daily Life with IBD | Video | Presentation

Research: Research Trailblazers | Video

QI Trailblazers:
Extra, Extra Read all about it— Sign Up Here! | Presentation | Learn more about the CIRCLE Challenge!

Transition: The Role of Adult Providers in Transition — Moving from Passive to Active Receivership | Video | Presentation

1:10 pm | Regional Knowledge Sharing to ImproveEquityNow | presentation for all regions

Atlantic Coast | Video

East Midwest

New England

North East

South East

2:10 pm | Regional Knowledge Sharing to ImproveEquityNow | presentation for all regions


     Pacific North West | Video

     South Central

     West Midwest | Video

2:50 pm | Community Proposed Breakouts III

    Clinical: Using QI Tools to Increase Flu Vaccine Rate |  Video | Presentation

Create a Funnel Plot Using Your Center’s Remission Data | Video

Community Engagement in the Time of COVID-19 | Video | Presentation

    QI Trailblazers: Review of ICN’S New England Regional Conference | Video | Presentation

Diagnosis Changes in Pediatric IBD | Video | Presentation

    Transition: Transitioning to Adult IBD Care | Video

    2020 Vision: Race, Ethnicity, and IBD | Video | Presentation

3:50 pm | Learning Along our Pathway: Center Application of Learning Lab Activities | Video

4:35 pm | Wrap Up | Video (begins at 46:04)

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