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You can make a difference! Get involved with ImproveCareNow and learn more about how to join our CIRCLE!


THEY CARE! THEY CARE! We know that Grandma and Grandpa care, and aunts and uncles; friends and teachers if we’re lucky. But to have a national group of Doctors, Nurses, QI professionals, IT gurus, etc. actually make it their JOB to work towards making MY child’s quality of life better TODAY…I cannot express the gratitude I feel for that!!

- Jamie Hicks, Parent


When I learned about ImproveCareNow, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. I joined the PAC because I know the patient’s voice is the most important and I want to be able to advocate patients in a way I never have through my other involvement. I am incredibly excited for this opportunity!

– Missy O’Doherty, Patient


Through their [Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters] efforts and involvement in ICN, I have been able to continue with my life while not having to fear my IBD, and I hope to be able to help others in the same way through PAC.

 – Kolin Kulzer, Patient 



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Parents and patients have a huge interest and investment in wanting great care and I am so thankful that ImproveCareNow not only listens, but encourages input from us.

Kim F., Parent


I’m grateful for the ImproveCareNow network, and for the chance to have a voice in the design of ground-breaking research involving diet and its potential impact on this disease

Sheri P., Parent



Let's put our teams to work and make the dream work.  Be the voice of ImproveCareNow, driving change for sick kids to feel better.

Tania M., Parent 

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At my Center, we used ImproveCareNow big data to find a patient who hadn’t been evaluated in over 6 months- we called the family, and when the child was examined, we found anemia, poor growth and fatigue that was corrected within a few months by appropriate treatment and follow-up.

-Richard Colletti, MD, The University of Vermont Children’s Hospital, Burlington, VT


Pediatric gastroenterologists have collaborated with patients with IBD and their families, researchers, and nurses to create a superlative state-of-the-science learning health care system. It’s called ImproveCareNow. In just a few years, ImproveCareNow has become the leading learning health system for children in the nation, and perhaps the world.

- Christopher B. Forrest, MD, PhD, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA


In addition to seeing patients, I do research. And when you do research, there's this period of time where you're translating what you're learning into patient care. What interested me in joining ImproveCareNow was the opportunity to do something that has a rapid impact on patient outcomes. In just a short time, we've seen our outcomes change, we've seen a higher percentage of our patients in remission, and I think that's real. 

- Wallace Crandall, MD, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, OH


When I sit in a room with other people taking care of patients, most of us know the same things, and we know the drugs, and everybody in the room has the skills. But what many of us lacked were the tools to really elevate the level of care on a day-to-day basis for every patient. With ImproveCareNow, we haven't invented any new drugs; it's just applying and managing what we did already in a far better way. And one of the best things in the collaborative effort is that you get help on every level, and we can apply these skills to everything we do to take care of patients. I think we're much more likely to succeed. Life has gotten better, I think, for the vast majority of patients.

- Ian Leibowitz, MD, Pediatric Specialists of Virginia, Fairfax, VA

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