ImproveCareNow (ICN) has partnered with Hive Networks, Inc. to develop and implement our enhanced IBD health registry - called Outcomes. The ImproveCareNow Outcomes registry is fundamental enabler of our Learning Health Network’s efforts to continuously optimize IBD care and decision-making, and improve health outcomes for all young people living with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. 

Outcomes is a vital tool for improving health outcomes for children with IBD 

Outcomes safely houses clinical data for enrolled patients with IBD cared for at participating ICN Care Centers. These data are essential for us to continuously learn all we can about pediatric IBD, spur innovation, and discover new ways to optimize care and health for all children and youth with IBD. The ICN registry helps us visualize our success by generating statistical process charts for key measures of success - including remission, sustained remission, and prednisone-free remission - across our Learning Health Network. 

Outcomes facilitates multidisciplinary collaboration to improve IBD care and optimize decision-making 

The Outcomes registry helps to enable care center teams, health care professionals and researchers to make improvements and optimize IBD care and decision-making through:

Point of Care

Outcomes point of care features, such as Pre-Visit Planning and Population Management reports, enable ICN teams to better understand individual patient needs and optimize care during clinic visits.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Outcomes data enable ICN teams to identify patterns and evaluate care and health for all IBD patients they serve, as well as individuals who may benefit from tailored interventions, making it possible to continuously improve the quality and success of care.

Pediatric IBD Research

Outcomes and the ICN Learning Health Network are uniquely capable of quickly and efficiently developing and carrying out novel clinical trials (including those using real-world data), observational studies, and comparative effectiveness research, as well as engaging patients, clinicians, and researchers in collaboration to help us all learn more about pediatric IBD quickly, cost effectively and together.

ImproveCareNow is grateful to the more than 30,000 patients, and their families, who have entrusted us with their health data so that they and other young people with IBD can benefit as we improve care together. 

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