This page is meant to help ICN care center participants more easily find key resources and documents available on our website; however, it is not exhaustive and is not meant to be a replacement for other internal platforms that can be found on our Network Hub (including the ICN Hub and Outcomes, ICN's registry). Please reach out to your ICN Key Contact if you need access to any of ImproveCareNow's internal platforms or Contact Us if you have questions. 

Important Information

Physician Global Assessment

ImproveCareNow Model IBD Care Guidelines

Maintenance of Certification

Policies & Outcomes Database

Care Center Toolkits

Depression Screening Toolkit - Created by the Social Workers & Psychology Workgroup, this toolkit consists of 8 modules with information on how to screen for depression during clinical visits. You will need an ICN Hub account to access this toolkit. Contact us if you participate at an ICN Center and need access to the ICN Hub. 

New Sustained Remission Definition

Through the Pathway to Mastery launch in 2019, an opportunity was identified to improve the guidance for the Sustained Remission definition for IBD patients.  Clinician leaders in the sustained remission pathway collaborated with the network to make changes to the definition to better identify when a patient is in continuous remission. 

Learning Lab Pages on the ICN Hub

Contact us if you are unsure which Learning Lab or Trailblazer Team your center belongs.


Resources for Patient/Families

"Should I have IBD Surgery" A Shared Decision-Making Tool

Toolkits, Guides & Other Resources

Media & Branding - Resources to help share and tell the story about ImproveCareNow at your Care Center

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