ImproveCareNow Details for Healthcare Professionals

The ImproveCareNow Network has developed the Model Care Guidelines and Physician Global Assessment Clinical Guidelines, defined key measures to assess performance, built a robust database, created rigorous reports to identify gaps in care and produced a set of effective tools to improve the quality of care. As a result, the way care is delivered now has improved dramatically. To date the reliability of disease assessment increased from 40% in 2007 to 90%. In addition, children classified with unsatisfactory growth decreased by 60%, and children taking prednisone decreased by 30%. Learn more about our success in our report card of measurable results.

The primary goals of ImproveCareNow for Healthcare Professionals are to:

  • Provide the best care possible for pediatric patients with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
  • Get more of your patients in remission, reduce their symptoms and improve their nutrition and growth
  • Determine if there are gaps between ImproveCareNow Model IBD Care and the care that your patients are receiving, and to help you to close those gaps

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Annual Data report 

Learn more about patient data captured in the ICN Registry - a disease specific, enhanced registry built by the ICN Network -  from the Annual Data Report.

Benefits of Participation in ImproveCareNow

Learn how your center can join ImproveCareNow

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