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Camp Oasis gave us back our daughter

Camp Oasis transformed our daughter and became an "oasis" in her IBD journey. I am honored to share my experiences as a parent and provide tips and takeaways to providers and parents about sending your child or teen to a safe and transformative place.

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Trends in ICN and IBD Research - Notes from the Field

ImproveCareNow Research Committee member and pediatric IBD psychologist, Jennie David PhD, recently shared her answers to some questions about the state of IBD research, emerging trends in ICN Research, significant recent discoveries, and the value of being involved for psychosocial professionals.

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IGNITE - It is OK if your illness changes you.

In a matter of days, Caitlyn went from being a full-time student athlete (following her dream of running at a D1 college) to being a full-time patient (diagnosed with IBD and severe visceral hyperalgesia). She went from balancing a rigorous training schedule and school, to managing doctors appointments, meds and nearly constant pain and fatigue. In the midst of this, she turned 21 and was pushed to find an adult care provider who would take her complicated case. She wanted someone to fight for her, who took time to understand how her illness was affecting her life and mental health, who recognized how hard she was fighting and who would support and advocate for her. In time, she found those people. With new treatments, her health began to turn around and she was able to return to school. However, her collegiate running career had come to an end. "I found myself grieving for my past life. For a body that I no longer had."

Once known affectionately as the "runner girl," who was Caitlyn without running? It turns out she is many things! Read her story to find out.

Be inspired by Caitlyn's #IgniteTalk 🔥

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Olivia's journey with the SCD + some of her favorite recipes

Recently, the team at UVM Children's Hospital noticed that food and diet regularly came up during their monthly UVM Pediatric IBD Advisory meetings. Members discussed their personal experiences and learned from each other about how some respond differently to the same foods, how to be aware of food triggers, and what go-to comfort foods people enjoyed while flaring. Recognizing the power of learning from each other and wanting to reach more members of their IBD community, the team asked Olivia if she would share her story about using the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to help manage her IBD symptoms.

Get #InTheLOOP with Olivia's story 💚💙

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PAC Moment - Acing Injections!

Injections are a common way to receive medication for IBD patients. It can be a nerve-wracking experience, so PAC experts have compiled a list of tips and tricks - for patients, by patients - that can help make your injections go as smoothly as possible!

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ICN Research Explained: Is it "all in the bag?" Multidisciplinary perspectives on ostomy surgery in pediatric IBD across the ImproveCareNow network

Pediatric inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a chronic illness with various treatments, including ostomy surgery. Ostomy‐related medical decision‐making (MDM) is complex for multidisciplinary healthcare professionals (HCPs). This study sought to understand national multidisciplinary HCPs' perceptions about pediatric IBD ostomy surgery in the United States.

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