U.S. News & World Report measure released

  • Questions have been released for the U.S. News & World Report and all centers should be able to answer by pulling their data in Outcomes. This includes: Percent of patients with prednisone-free clinical remission, PGA. Please make sure all of your patient data is up-to-date to see the most accurate results in your charts. As a reminder, we would not consider this data ‘final’ until all back data entry is complete. You can find a User Guide on how to pull your data on the ICN Hub. 
  • How can centers use Outcomes to answer a question about how many unique patients received treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. If your center's data is up-to-date, you have registered all patients & every doctor participates in ICN and the registry, then you can use the denominator from Prednisone-Free Remission, or the denominator from Remission to answer this question.

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