Becky is a Master's student at George Washington University Milken School of Public Health and a graduate of the University of Michigan. She was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at age 7 and joined ImproveCareNow upon beginning high school. Becky is a former Co-Chair of the Patient Advisory Council and has served on various committees and teams in ImproveCareNow such as the Health Equity Committee (formerly the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee), Executive Leadership Search Committee, COVID-19 Rapid Response Learning Lab, and more. During her undergraduate studies, Becky conducted a research project with stakeholders from multiple Learning Health Systems to develop an evidence-based framework to improve engagement and representation of patient partners. She won an award from the University of Michigan Honors Program for her thesis, "'Together in the Trenches': An Evaluation of Recruitment and Engagement Strategies to Improve Patient Partner Representation in Collaborative Learning Health Systems." Becky plans to pursue a career in health policy that centers on the lived experiences of patients in her work to improve access to affordable, high-quality healthcare.

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