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ImproveCareNow is delighted to offer up to 7 American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (Part II) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points for participation in our upcoming Live Online Community Conference (LOCC) on Thursday, March 25 & Friday, March 26. You can review the agenda here.

Requirements for Earning up to 7 Part II MOC Points:

  • Attend the LOCC and provide responses for the eligible sessions via two surveys available on the Pathable Conference PlatformThere is one survey for each day. If you attend the LOCC on both days, you need to submit both surveys.
  • Ensure your responses meet the MOC passing standard. Learners write a reflective statement that describes at least one new element of practice and make a commitment to change or maintain an element of practice. All answers must be submitted in full sentences.

Not attending the LOCC, but want more information about MOC available through ImproveCareNow? Contact [email protected] to be added to our listserv, receive information about upcoming Community Conferences, and other opportunities to receive MOC credit.

Instructions for Preparing and Submitting your MOC Response Form

To earn up to 7 MOC Part II points, the ABP asks learners to reflect on the content during the Live Online Community Conference, write down what they have learned, and indicate what practices they will maintain or change. Please keep the Thursday & Friday surveys open throughout the Live Online Community Conference and use it as a prompt for thoughtful reflection. Please complete responses only for the sessions you attend. Responses must be submitted no later than Wednesday, March 31th

Please note that there are 7 sessions that qualify as an opportunity to self-assess and 1 point will be awarded for each response that meets the passing standard. 


Thursday, March 25 | 4 points available

  • 12:35 PM EDT: Community Proposed Breakouts I *CHOOSE ONE*
    • Clinical: Obesity and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    • IRB: Playing Common Rule Jeopardy: What is 45 CFR part 46?
    • Psychosocial: Mental Health Screening and Intervention: Reflection, Resilience and Recovery
    • Engagement: The Importance of Advocacy for Patients, Families, and the Community Recovery
    • Research: PRODUCE Study: A Multicenter Dietary Intervention Study within a Learning Health Network- Lessons, Reflections, and Practical Suggestions
  • 1:40 PM EDT: Engagement Plenary: Better Together: Growing our CIRCLE Community to Take Care to the Next Level
  • 2:25 PM EDT: Community Proposed Breakouts II *CHOOSE ONE* 
    • Clinical: IBS in IBD 
    • QI: Utilization of an IBD Dashboard to Improve Process (PVP, Scheduling, Monitoring, etc.) and Outcomes
    • Psychosocial: Managing Mental Health and IBD during the COVID-19 Pandemic
    • Research: Investigator Initiated Studies
    • Nutrition: Use of the Crohn’s Disease Exclusion Diet within the ICN Community
  • 3:25 PM EDT: The Richard B. Colletti Clinical Plenary: Understanding Disparities in Gastrointestinal Disorders: Where They Stem from and Strategies to Overcome Them


Friday, March 26 | 3 points available

  • 10:20 AM EDT: QI Plenary: Pathway to Mastery Cross Pathway Learning
  • 11:25 AM EDT: Community Proposed Breakouts III *CHOOSE ONE* 
    • Clinical: Identification and Treatment of Iron Deficiency Anemia in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease- A Quality Improvement Initiative
    • QI: Food Insecurity Screening in GI Clinic: Why it is Important and How to Start 
    • Psychosocial: Recovering from Flares
    • Technology: Collaborative Tools to Drive Outcomes: ICN Hub and New Registry
    • Research: Overview of ICN Research for the Community
  • 12:10 PM EDT: Community Proposed Breakouts IV *CHOOSE ONE* 
    • Clinical: SEMA-CD, the New Pediatric Crohn’s Disease Colonoscopy Score
    • QI: QI and Autoimmune Liver Disease (AILD): Lessons Learned from ICN to Improve Outcomes in Pediatric Liver Disease
    • Technology: myICNhome: Pilot Resource for the Newly Diagnosed
    • Engagement: Resilience, Vulnerability and Validation Part 2
    • Data: Data Quality Scorecard in Action: Analyzing Your Data and Improving the Process



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