ImproveCareNow is delighted to offer up to 9 American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (Part II) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points for participation in our upcoming Fall 2022 Community Conference on Thursday, September 22 & Friday, September 23.  In order to be eligible for MOC Part II, you must be accredited through the ABP and have an ABP ID. Review the Agenda

Requirements for Earning up to 9 Part II MOC Points

  • Attend the Community Conference and provide responses for sessions that are attended via two digital surveys that will be made available each day on this page. 
  • Ensure your responses meet the MOC passing standard. Learners write a reflective statement that describes at least one new element of practice and make a commitment to change or maintain an element of practice. All answers must be submitted in full sentences.

Instructions for Preparing and Submitting your MOC Response Form

To earn up to 9 MOC Part II points, the ABP asks learners to reflect on the content during the Fall Community Conference, write down what they have learned, and indicate what practices they will maintain or change. We recommend that you keep the Thursday & Friday digital surveys open throughout the Community Conference and use them as a prompt for thoughtful reflection. 

To earn up to 4.5 MOC Part II points for each day for a total 9 MOC Part II points, please complete responses only for the sessions in the time blocks that you attend. There are two time blocks (morning and afternoon) that offer you an opportunity to self-assess and 2.25 points will be awarded up to 4.5 points total each day. Please review the sessions that will be available for educational credit below. 

**Responses must be submitted no later than Tuesday, September 27, 2022 to receive credit. Credit cannot be awarded after that date**


Thursday, September 22| 4.5 points available Survey link will be available during the conference

  • Time Block 1 - Thursday Morning:
    • State of the Network and Executive Director Address (Pathway to Mastery Advancement and Outcomes)
    • Patient Ignite Talk
    • Clinical Plenary: Pregnancy and Drug Safety in the Patient with IBD
    • Community Proposed Breakouts I
  • Time Block 2 - Thursday Afternoon:
    • Community Proposed Breakouts II
    • Pathway to Mastery Learning Labs
    • Community Proposed Breakouts III
    • Research Plenary: Research Updates from COMBINE and SaFR Kids

Friday, September 23| 4.5 points available Survey link will be available during the conference 

  • Time Block 1 - Friday Morning:
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Plenary: Forging Ahead: Updates from the ICN DEI Committee
    • Engagement Plenary: The Patient Advisory Council (PAC): Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going
    • Parent Ignite Talk
  • Time Block 2 - Friday Afternoon:
    • Community Proposed Breakouts IV
    • Role Specific Sessions
    • Final Thoughts with Executive Directors

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