We invite you to participate in this brief survey as part of a research study on the topic of j-pouch (IPAA) surgery in patients with chronic ulcerative colitis (CUC). This survey is intended for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and midwives who provide care specifically for patients with ulcerative colitis. The purpose of this study is to ascertain general provider knowledge about the j-pouch procedure, as well as to define how providers approach discussions about these procedures and potential fertility complications related to this procedure. This survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete and responses will be anonymous.   

Thank you for completing the following survey; we appreciate your time. 

If possible, please also pass this information along to colleagues and fellows in your program. 

Survey Link: https://redcap.partners.org/redcap/surveys/?s=JK4CH73RA3 


Taylor Boyd 

Harvard Medical School  



Rachel Winter, MD, MPH  

Brigham and Women’s Hospital  

Principal investigator  


Sonia Friedman, MD  

Brigham and Women’s Hospital  

Principal investigator  


Dr. Joel E. Goldberg, MD, MPH 

Brigham and Women’s Hospital 

Principal Investigator 


July 01, 2021 at 6:00pm - October 29, 2021
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