Key contacts have an important role to manage their team and ensure the right people have access to Outcomes. These are action steps for Key Contacts.

Now that your Center has access to Outcomes, Key Contacts need to: 


1) Register for the Hub - As your center's Key Contact, you MUST have a Hub account to manage your center's contacts & user permissions for your team to access Outcomes. 

  • Register for the Hub – Using your professional email address for better security
  • Use the activation code BETTERTOGETHER

2) Review your staff list and make any necessary updates (see pages 7-15 of the Key Contact User Guide).

  • Key Contact, Physician Lead & Regulatory Contact roles have been migrated from the old Contact Management System to our new system for staff that have created Hub accounts. If you do not see a member of your center listed, please ask them to sign up for the Hub

3) Grant Outcomes registry access to those at your center who need it (see page 16 of the Key Contact User Guide).

  • As the Key Contact, you are also an Outcomes Admin and can grant access to any center staff who needs access, including giving yourself access to PHI. 
  • Reminder: Any staff that are granted access to Outcomes registry must be listed on your center’s ICN IRB


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