The Patient Advisory Council (PAC) organizes into various task forces to achieve the goals of the group. A task force allows members to collaborate on and be involved with projects in which they are interested.  

Please click on a task force below to view a description and additional information. If you decide to join the PAC, you will have the opportunity to join these task forces.

The Advocacy task force works on various projects that serve to raise awareness and support for kids with IBD. These projects often make changes to patient care and patient support.

Some Past Projects:

Ostomy Toolkit: PAC members assembled a compilation of resources for patients with ostomies. Each member who contributed had some kind of experience with an ostomy which made for a valuable perspective. This resource includes things like: what to wear; playing sports with an ostomy; and choosing the right type of bag for you.

Body Image Toolkit: PAC members assembled stories and comments about members’ experiences with Body Image and IBD. Topics include NG Tubes, weight gain/loss and scars.

IBD Storybook: PAC members wrote about their lives with IBD in this resource. Perfect for newly diagnosed patients, the IBD Storybook helps IBD patients identify with other patients encountering similar obstacles.

The Communications task force work to raise awareness for the PAC and ImproveCareNow via social media. The PAC is active on Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat (follow @ICNPatients). When the PAC is visible on social media, it raises awareness for who the PAC is and how to get involved. PAC members also regularly contribute to ImproveCareNow’s blog, LOOP.

Past Projects:

@ICNPatients: The PAC is on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to raise awareness. ImproveCareNow is very active on social media, which allows us to interact with the Network and with staff at each of ImproveCareNow’s 90+ centers. It also helps increase the PAC’s visibility, which extends the reach and impact of the group. 

The Recruitment and Engagement task force works to recruit new members and support their transition into the PAC. The responsibilities include: sending welcome emails to the new members and helping them to decide on a task force to join. They also write blogs about the PAC in order to raise awareness and get new members to join.

Past Projects:

New member and Year in Review Blogs: When new members join the PAC, the recruitment task force write a blog post to highlight who they are in the PAC and introduce them to the network (see past entries on LOOP).  A blog post is also written at the end of the year to summarize what the PAC has accomplished. This is a good recruitment tool for the PAC as it can be sent to prospective members to demonstrate what the PAC is capable of achieving.

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