We are pleased to announce the ImproveCareNow Data Management Team has prepared and released the ImproveCareNow 2020 Annual Data Report. This report aims to present a brief summary of the patient data captured in the ICN Registry, including commentary on the impact of and response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The year 2020 presented challenges never seen before by the ICN community: telemedicine, virtual meetings, quarantines, testing, and eventually vaccines. The entire ICN community adapted and persevered. Without the support of the entire community, the ICN Registry could not exist. We would like to thank the team members at the participating ICN centers who are responsible for collecting and entering a large amount of high-quality clinical data into the ICN Registry, and the members of the ICN Data Management Team who are responsible for maintaining the ICN Registry, answering questions from participating centers, and assembling the data to make this report possible. And lastly, special thanks to all of the patients and families whose data are included in the ICN Registry: you are our inspiration and motivation to improve outcomes. We hope this Annual Data Report helps demonstrate how ICN continues to grow and improve - how we are better together.”

– Steve Steiner and Chip Samson, Co-Physician Leaders, ICN Data Management Team

Members of the ICN Community can expect to receive an updated Data Report from ImproveCareNow, with data and insights from the previous complete calendar year, annually going forward. The Data Management Team is open to receiving feedback on this report so it may be improved in subsequent years. If you have comments after reading this report, please contact us.


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