I recently wrote about the many ways that improvers can connect in learning health communities like ImproveCareNow. One of the most important ways in which we connect is via our online community commons—the  ICN Exchange. This community commons has been designed to make it easier for individuals and groups to: (1) find other like-minded people, (2) find activities they want and tips for doing a better job at them, (3) have shared goals and accountability, (4) and have the right maps and guides for their improvement journey. It’s a place to share tools, knowledge, and ideas. It also has an important role in supporting community building and distributed leadership. We are all on equal footing on the ICN Exchange—clinicians, parents, and patients alike—and we all have a role in building this commons.

I’ve written about the ICN Exchange before, but I’m thrilled to report that it continues to flourish. In just one week following our Fall 2016 Community Conference, the sharing has accelerated. I’ve enjoyed seeing the new resources that have been shared and hope other members of the community have too. Here’s a quick glimpse of the ICN Exchange Engagement and Co-Production page. Does your center need ideas for a new parent newsletter? Do you need slides to adapt for your center’s upcoming family event? It’s all here to steal shamelessly...and hopefully those who do so will have their own resources to share seamlessly in the future:


We also have a place to get to know one another as people. Several years back, the ImproveCareNow improvement coordinators created "trading cards" so we could get to know them better. The ImproveCareNow Patient Advisory Council followed suit, as did the psychologists and social workers. Just last week, the ImproveCareNow physicians joined the movement and we are getting to know them better too. Talk about a place where we can all learn about one another, regardless of role—just imagine what healthcare in general would be like if we all connected as people in this way!

Trading_Cards_SS.jpg Trading_Cards_SS_1.jpg

For our readers who are part of the ImproveCareNow community, what are your favorite new tools on the ICN Exchange?

For those who are not, what kinds of tools and ideas do you wish you could share with others working to improve care for kids with IBD and other chronic conditions?

Please dive in to our community and share your comments below.


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