Injections are a common way to receive medication for IBD patients. It can be a nerve-wracking experience, so PAC experts have compiled a list of tips and tricks - for patients, by patients - that can help make your injections go as smoothly as possible!

Here are some top tips from PAC members to improve injection experience:

💚 Deep breathing: taking some deep breaths, then doing the injection while steadily breathing out

💙 Fun distractions: Listening to a friend talk, watching a movie, playing a fun song, or eating a noisy food 

💚 Supportive info: Knowledge is power; if you have questions about travel or feeling itchy after injections talk to your IBD nurse or another care team member

💙 Reward yourself: Putting on a cute Band-Aid, watching a favorite show, or doing self care is a nice reward after

Disclaimer: This content is not intended to substitute for medical advice. If you have questions, you should always consult with your provider!

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✅ Join the Patient Advisory Council - if you are 14+ and living with IBD, you're invited to join this supportive & inclusive group of patient advocates. 

🎧 Listen to Episode 16 of the imPACt Podcast - Infusions, Injections, School & Life - an imPACt podcast episode where Vanessa and Fionna chat about their experiences with changing treatment plans and how injections & infusions fit into school and life.

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