Patients and their families live with IBD for 8,760 hours a year. The time spent in clinic is only a small fraction of that. They have questions and need resources, tools, and connections to improve their quality of life. On the flip side, they also have ideas, experiences, and information that, if given the opportunity to share, could help improve someone else’s quality of life. In this day and age, we know patients and families find much of their information online and ImproveCareNow can offer trusted resources.

ImproveCareNow has answers to their questions, clinician-reviewed resources developed by patients and families, and opportunities to connect to other patients and families across the country. CIRCLE eNewsletter offers a consistent way to learn about those things and a doorway to greater connection, if they choose.

Our Ask: Get Started!

Please review the CIRCLE Sign-Up Toolkit and implement the interventions that you and your team have the capacity to implement at your center to encourage patients and parents to sign up for CIRCLE.

Access the CIRCLE Sign-Up Toolkit

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