Would you rather be unable to use school bathrooms or have to have bi-weekly colonoscopies?

We (Becky & Shira) are going to be answering some "Would you Rather" questions and telling spooky stories from Halloweens past, where we have had some close calls and moments that can only be considered entertaining in hindsight. 

We're getting ready for Halloween, but with an IBD spin - we hope you'll join us! Obviously, you can listen to the podcast (details below), but you can also head over to our Instagram story (@ICNPatients) to cast your votes on the same "would you rather" questions Shira & I are answering during the podcast, plus some bonus questions.

We hope you tune in for Episode 17 of imPACt and feel free to share this episode with someone who you think might like it 💚💙

Here's where to listen:


imPACt is a podcast launched by the Patient Advisory Council (PAC) of ImproveCareNow in early 2021, where members talk openly about IBD with a goal of raising awareness and inclusivity, and connecting with listeners, each other, and podcast guests. Episodes will be hosted on Anchor by Spotify and be made available on other major podcast platforms. Subscribe to receive new episodes in your podcast feeds!
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