Since we're in the month of gratitude, the PAC wanted to take time to recognize and say thanks for the amazing support we've received.

Join me (Fionna) and Vanessa as we chat about one of the things we are extremely grateful for as IBD patients—support systems. Support systems have made a huge difference in how we have been able to manage our IBD, grow up and mature with IBD, and be successful both academically and in our extracurriculars.

We hope you listen in to learn how you can help support an IBD patient in your life and hear how much we appreciate it 💚💙

Here's where to listen:


imPACt is a podcast launched by the Patient Advisory Council (PAC) of ImproveCareNow in early 2021, where members talk openly about IBD with a goal of raising awareness and inclusivity, and connecting with listeners, each other, and podcast guests. Episodes will be hosted on Anchor by Spotify and be made available on other major podcast platforms. Subscribe to receive new episodes in your podcast feeds!
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