Hello everyone - it's Fionna from the Patient Advisory Council communications team. I'm excited to share that after a bit of a break the PAC is back with an exciting new episode of our imPACt podcast where we chat about a commonly used, but often not discussed, IBD nutritional therapy.

Episode 24 of imPACt is all about Exclusive Enteral Nutrition

Exclusive Enteral Nutrition (EEN) is a common therapeutic intervention, but the details of what it looks like to follow EEN are not so frequently discussed. In this episode of imPACt, PAC members Caitlyn, Christian, and Maddie talk with GI providers Dr. Sunseri and Dr. Crawford about the in's and out's of EEN, NG tubes, and the annoying reality of your pump alarm going off at 2 am in the morning.

Listen in to hear more about Exclusive Enteral Nutrition as an IBD treatment and for some stories from our PAC members and the providers about actually using EEN.

Here's where to listen:


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