Welcome to the second episode in a 3-podcast series we're doing in collaboration with the ICN SWAP group (SWAP stands for Social Workers & Psychologists). In this episode, you'll hear me (Ryleigh) and my fellow PAC member Avery talking with Lauren Potthoff, PhD - an IBD psychologist at Lurie Children's in Chicago - about mental health during IBD flares.

Episode 27 of imPACt includes patient and provider perspectives on coping, support and mental health during IBD flares

We are so grateful that Dr. Potthoff joined us for this conversation about how mental health can be complicated by flares and the things we can do to make it better. A recurring theme in this episode is that communication is key. We talk about how it's important to communicate with people so they know what's going on and how they can support you, but that not everyone needs the same amount of information and you get to decide what you're comfortable sharing. For instance, simply saying "I'm having a flare of my chronic illness" may be all that some people need to know. 

You don't even have to say that it's IBD - depending on your level of comfort. - Dr. Potthoff

Listen now for more about mental health and IBD flares ↓


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