Makenna Martin is my name and I am looking forward to attending technical school in the fall of 2021. I love researching just about anything and everything when I have the time. Lately I have spent a lot of time researching the difference between TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) and Enteral feedings. They both give you what you need, just one goes through a vein and the other straight to the stomach. 

The obstacle I am trying to overcome is trying to please everyone even when it hurts me. This affects people around me because I'm not my authentic self. I am trying to overcome being a people pleaser by loving myself, and putting me first! 

I joined the PAC to help me open up and be honest, and not feel bad when I’m sick or have to cancel plans. I know that not everyone likes everything about each other, but I have often felt like I don’t fit in. I’m now realizing I have to always be myself, so people can get to know me for who I am. For so long I hid my IBD because of the type of illness it is. But when I finally did open up, I fell in love with myself again and loved the person I have become.


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