Purpose: Crohn's disease causes chronic bowel inflammation which can lead to strictures, fistulas, growth stunting, and other complications if inadequately controlled. We typically monitor inflammation via symptoms and laboratory monitoring. In the absence of symptoms, elevated inflammatory markers (erythrocyte sedimentation rates, c-reactive protein) is sometimes referred to as "silent Crohn's disease". It is unclear how often silent Crohn's disease occurs, or what the implications are. There is some evidence in adults that silent Crohn's disease is associated with increased risk of hospitalization. This has not been evaluated in children.

Specific Aims:

1. Determine the frequency of silent Crohn's disease in children with Crohn's disease in the ImproveCareNow
Network registry.
2. Determine the association between silent Crohn's disease and risk of disease-related complications including
strictures, fistulas, perianal disease, and short stature.

Contact: Jeremy Adler

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