I spent many years thinking I was the only kid with Crohn’s Disease in my area. 


But then I went to Camp Oasis and met so many amazing kids that I could share my ups and downs of having this disease with. One of whom went on to become a co-chair of the Patient Advisory Council. I saw his photo on a Facebook page and of course, I couldn’t pass up the chance to poke fun. I sent him a text asking what the group was and how I could get involved. I listened in on one of the monthly phone calls to better understand what the group does. I was immediately hooked by all of the great things the group was doing. The PAC gives patients the opportunity to better understand what they can do to improve the lives of patients everywhere. We are able to share our stories and show the patient side of healthcare while gathering insight from ICN centers all across the United States. Joining the PAC has given me a chance to actively do something to improve not only my life but others too rather than just go through the motions of living with Crohn’s Disease.


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