To maintain the high security standards we set for information and documents shared across the Network, we’re moving away from the older technology that hosts the current ImproveCareNow Exchange. Therefore, access to the ICN Exchange is no longer available. 

What does this mean for current Exchange users?

  • All documents (PDF, PowerPoints, Word, photos, etc.) that have been uploaded to the Exchange will be backed up and saved.
  • Unique pins, forums, comments, or other information directly on the site will not be backed up. 
  • Relevant documents will be curated and shared in a new collaborative platform coming soon.
  • If you are currently uploading documents to the Exchange to be shared, email [email protected] and we will recommend an alternate location.
  • The ImproveCareNow Portal & public website will continue to be resources for ICN participants to find documents and resources.

What will replace the Exchange? 

While we are not yet ready to share the new collaborative platform widely, it is currently under development and is being piloted by several ImproveCareNow groups.

The new platform will continue to support the goals of the original ICN Exchange – it will be a secure place to connect center members, learning labs, patients & parents, to share seamlessly & steal shamelessly, and to promote collaboration on projects to improve care, health and costs for kids with IBD.

We appreciate your flexibility and patience as we transition to this new platform and continue to improve the ways in which we connect, collaborate, share seamlessly & steal shamelessly and work together to improve outcomes for kids with IBD.

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