Team Preparation Checklists

The following checklists outline required pre-work activities that will help participants prepare for the Spring 2019 Community Conference.  If you have any difficulty accessing the materials, please contact


 Pre-Work Activities:
 All teams that have attended a previous Community Conference
checked-checkbox2.png Each ImproveCareNow center team should complete the Community Conference Pre-Work Survey by DATE. The results will be shared with the community as part of a session on process reliability, as well as during team and learning lab meetings. It will also inform efforts to support and spread reliable use of pre-visit planning, population management, and other chronic care processes throughout the community.


 Pre-Work Activities:
 All teams & individuals attending QI Bootcamp on Friday, March 29
checked-checkbox2.png Each team/individual participant should bring a copy of their latest team charter with them to the Bootcamp.
checked-checkbox2.png The ImproveCareNow Bootcamp is a hands-on session. If possible participants should bring a laptop in order to access ImproveCareNow data systems and get in person coaching and assistance.


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