ImproveCareNow Fall 2022 Community Conference

COVID-19 Policy

ImproveCareNow (ICN) will comply with all federal and local guidelines and will ensure our policies and guidelines are up to date as we approach the conference. Seating arrangements for meals, plenary sessions and breakouts (rounds or classroom style) will be determined as the conference date approaches.


  • Updated 8/1/2022: Masks are now required to be worn by attendees during conference activities. Please be prepared by bringing your own mask(s). ICN will evaluate the levels of infection and spread approaching the time of the conference and determine if other modifications need to be made at that time.
  • Please note that ICN cannot control for, or enforce masking behaviors of other hotel guests, employees or individuals in and around the area of the conference.


  • Vaccines (primary series plus at least one booster) are mandatory and proof of vaccination will be required.
  • Medical or religious exemptions are accepted. If requesting, proof of exemption will be required, and any non-vaccinated attendees will be required to mask at all times.


  • Negative tests will not be required as a pre-requisite to attendance as per current public health mandates. Attendees showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 are requested to test and avoid contact with other conference attendees.

Contact Comfort Level

  • At the time of registration, please indicate your level of comfort with physical contact (socially distance, elbows only, allowing handshakes and hugs) at the conference.
  • ICN will provide attendees with a visual indication of their selected comfort level in the form of a colored lanyard.


  • Participants will use personal choice on eating in a large group or removing themselves to a more private area.
  • ICN will work with the hotel to secure some private areas for meals to enable a greater amount of social distancing options. 

Testing on site

  • ICN will not provide testing/test kits on-site for participants.

Hospital stay

  • ICN will not assume responsibility for any medical treatment required during the conference for COVID-19 specific or other conditions.

Extended hotel stay

  • ICN will not assume costs associated with any extended hotel stays.


Pharmacy near Fairmont:


Hospital in Dallas:

UT Southwestern


Covid Policy updated 8/1/2022

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