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Download the agenda for the Fall 2023 Community Conference.


Highlights from Agenda

  • Wed., October 25: Networking
    • Patient Advisory Council Mocktail Hour - For Patients & Providers
    • Pre-Conference Welcome Reception / Engagement Fair 
  • Thurs., October 26: Pre-Conference 
  • Thurs., October 26: Community Conference 
    • Clinical Plenary: The Value of Observational Research in IBD
    • Engagement Plenary: Creation and Benefit of a Patient-Led IBD Junior Board
  • Fri., October 27: Special Breakfast Gatherings
    • Coordinators, PFAC/Physicians, Community
  • Fri., October 27: Community Conference
    • Research Plenary: COMBINE Results: What Does it Mean for Practice?  
    • Psychosocial Plenary: Depression Screening: Impact on Care, Setting up for Success and Beyond 

Learner Objectives

  • Acquire best practices demonstrated through ImproveCareNow quality improvement, research, clinical practice, and community engagement skills.
  • Describe your impact on patient care as well as within the ImproveCareNow community.
  • Develop connections and relationships with clinicians, patients, parents, and trusted partners to work together in new ways to benefit the IBD community.
  • Examine how you might support the advancement of strategic priorities focused on outcomes, equity, sustainability, engagement, and technology.

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