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Joining us in Louisville? 

  • Book your room at the Louisville Marriott Downtown. The discounted room block has closed, but you may still book at the hotel if there are any rooms still available here.  
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ImproveCareNow network participants use the ICN Hub to collaborate and share files. Presentations from the Fall Community Conference will be posted on the Hub after the event. 

Learn how to join the ICN Hub. 

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Download the agenda for the Fall 2023 Community Conference.


Highlights from Agenda

  • Wed., October 25: Networking
    • Patient Advisory Council Mocktail Hour - For Patients & Providers
    • Pre-Conference Welcome Reception / Engagement Fair 
  • Thurs., October 26: Pre-Conference 
  • Thurs., October 26: Community Conference 
    • Clinical Plenary: The Value of Observational Research in IBD
    • Engagement Plenary: Creation and Benefit of a Patient-Led IBD Junior Board
  • Fri., October 27: Special Breakfast Gatherings
    • Coordinators, PFAC/Physicians, Community
  • Fri., October 27: Community Conference
    • Research Plenary: COMBINE Results: What Does it Mean for Practice?  
    • Psychosocial Plenary: Depression Screening: Impact on Care, Setting up for Success and Beyond 

Learner Objectives

  • Acquire best practices demonstrated through ImproveCareNow quality improvement, research, clinical practice, and community engagement skills.
  • Describe your impact on patient care as well as within the ImproveCareNow community.
  • Develop connections and relationships with clinicians, patients, parents, and trusted partners to work together in new ways to benefit the IBD community.
  • Examine how you might support the advancement of strategic priorities focused on outcomes, equity, sustainability, engagement, and technology.

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We want to make sure that we make the most of our time together in Louisville. Please complete the associated pre-work for your center's Learning Lab before October 13. 

Pathway to Mastery Learning Lab Breakouts 

Not sure which Learning Lab your care center is in? You can review the list here:  

If your care center is in the Foundations Learning Lab 

  1. Spend some time reviewing the Outcomes Registry, such as the different measures, operational definitions, and functionality. We’ll play a fun game to test your knowledge! 
  2. After reviewing the Outcomes Registry, please complete this survey by Friday, October 13. 

If your care center is in the Pre-Visit Planning and Population Management Learning Lab

  • ALL PVP and PM Learning Lab Centers (even if not attending the conference in person): 
    • Please complete this brief survey by Friday, October 13. We want to hear from everyone.
  • PVP and PM Centers attending Community Conference:
    • Please familiarize, review, and reflect on your center’s pre visit planning and population management processes.  Bring your PVP and PM process map/s (any type) to our Pathway to Mastery session. If you are not attending, and would like to share your process maps, please send to Sydney Bogardus &/or Kim Shelly to include in our learning lab work.

If your care center is in the Clinical Standardization/Personalized Care Learning Lab 

  • ALL CS/PC Learning Lab Centers (even if not attending the conference in person): 
    • Please complete the MUSIQ survey by Friday, October 13. We will discuss the results during the Pathway to Mastery (PtM) breakout session.

Quick Links

Learning Lab Groups on the ICN Hub for ICN Network participants

ImproveCareNow network participants use the ICN Hub to collaborate and share files. Presentations from the Fall Community Conference have been posted in Shared Community Resources (Navigate to Conferences folder, then 2023 Fall CC Presentations).

Session handouts & resources can be found here.

Learn how to join the ICN Hub. 

Refer to the following list of options as you decide which breakout sessions to attend at the ImproveCareNow Fall 2023 Community Conference. Consult with colleagues attending from your center (including parent and patient partners) to maximize your team’s exposure to these sessions—plan to divide and conquer! Please contact [email protected] with any questions about these sessions.

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Thursday, October 26

10:00 am Clinical Plenary

The Value of Observational Research in IBD

  1. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of an observational research design
  2. To review pivotal observational studies in IBD and how these can be applied in practice

11:15 am Community Proposed Breakout Session I

Clinical: Novel Therapeutics in IBD

  1. To review the data on novel therapeutics in adult IBD (and how this could potentially apply in pediatrics)
  2. To understand practical strategies for monitoring on novel therapeutic agents 
  3. To understand positioning of therapies in IBD 

Data/Technology: Registry 201: Focus on Measures and Using Data to Inform Improvement Strategy

  1. Encourage precise measurement and improvement in outcomes by highlighting new Outcomes Registry features and reports
  2. Review operational definitions and inclusion/exclusion criteria
  3. Demonstrate using data quality tools

Engagement/Psychosocial: Coping with Flares and Chronic Pain

  1. Provide insight from patients about managing IBD flares day to day, with a specific focus on managing pain
  2. Discuss the possible biological basis and types of pain including chronic pain during remission and how providers can support patients who experience it
  3. Discuss the emotional toll of flares/chronic pain on patients and IBD families
  4. Provide insights on how family members and providers can support patients


1:45 pm Community Proposed Breakout Session II

Clinical: Ostomy Care and Troubleshooting


  1. Types of ostomies and why they might be needed, address confusing nomenclature
  2. General facts and myths about ostomies and what you can do (swim, playing sports, etc)
  3. Patient stories 
  4. Troubleshooting and thinking about closure/revision


Clinical: Week 6 TDM:  Utilizing QI Methodology to Standardize Early Identification of Subtherapeutic Levels and Optimize Dosing During Induction 

  1. Describe the strong association between week 6 trough levels and therapeutic levels during the maintenance phase with the approach for dose adjustments
  2. Describe the QI approach for modifying proactive TDM for infliximab and vedolizumab to capture drug levels at week 6
  3. Provide practical ways to track TDM within EPIC and share implementation learnings, methods for staff education and provider buy in, set backs and misses 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Our Health Equity Story Through the Data Quality Lens

  1. Provide historical perspective on ImproveCareNow’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and Social Determinants (SDOH) of Health work
  2. Discuss the importance of quality data as we analyze our current state acknowledging discrepancies with our sense of urgency
  3. Overview of Social Determinants of Health

3:00 pm Role Specific Breakouts

Join your colleagues to discuss updates to current projects, celebrate successes, troubleshoot any challenges and identify new opportunities to contribute to the community. 


  1. Coordinators will become familiar with sFMEAs while working in small groups to map a coordinator focused ICN process.
  2. These groups will brainstorm existing and potential barriers; then design interventions to address these barriers as they create an sFMEA and share insights for their coordinator driven ICN process.



Physicians, Advanced Practice Providers, Nurses: Developing Depression Screening Model Care Guidelines

Patient Advisory Council (PAC) 

Parent/Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

Social Work and Psychosocial Professionals (SWAP)

Friday, October 27

8:10 am Research Plenary

COMBINE Results:  What does it mean for practice? 


  1. To summarize the important, relevant practical findings of COMBINE
  2. To summarize the questions raised by COMBINE that make it challenging to follow the recommendations lock, stock, and barrel
  3. To summarize ICN recommendations, including how we will document adherence or non-adherence and details surrounding those, supported by data. 


9:15 am Community Proposed Breakout Sessions III

Psychosocial: The Transition Care Index- Using QI Methods to Standardize Transition of Care

  1. Learn about the concept of a care index as a QI tool and its use to standardize transition and transfer of care
  2. Share learnings, including ways to track progress and improve access to care and patient and provider buy-in 
  3. Highlight steps that other centers can take to implement a transition care index locally 

Psychosocial: Helping Patients Help Themselves

  1.  Ensure patients are confident in their preparation and well-prepared for transitions to college and adulthood
  2. Outline tools providers and caregivers can provide to patients to navigate these transitions with confidence
  3. Share resources, checklists, etc. that attendees can use to encourage empowerment, understanding and success

Data/Technology: We See You: Improving Your 200-day List

  1. Review the 200-day list process to increase patient adherence and quality and frequency of care to promote patient health stabilization

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Attitudes, Trust, and Confidence about Clinical Research: Parent/Caregiver Perspectives

  1. Outline methods that can be introduced in a clinical setting to foster positive messages and research engagement 
  2. Share QI/research strategy, tools and learnings from interventions to evaluate and improve caregivers’ attitudes towards pediatric clinical research
  3. Discuss strategies to enhance trust between providers and caregivers by confronting negative perceptions about medical research as a method to reduce health disparities.  

10:10 am Pathway to Mastery Learning Labs



Sustained Remission

11:50 am Psychosocial Plenary

Depression Screening:  Impact on Care, Setting Up for Success and Beyond 


  1. Identify the importance of depression screening from the perspectives of patients/parents, physicians, the current post-pandemic situation and research
  2. Identify characteristics for successful screening and solutions/strategies to succeed and describe future screening goals


Thursday MOC Survey 

Friday MOC Survey

You must be an American Board of Pediatrics accredited physician with an ABP number to submit for MOC Part II credit. Please submit your attestation to claim credit after the conference. 

ImproveCareNow is delighted to offer up to 9 American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (Part II) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points for participation in our upcoming Fall 2023 Community Conference on Thursday, October 26 & Friday, October 27.  In order to be eligible for MOC Part II, you must be accredited through the ABP and have an ABP ID. Review the Agenda

Requirements for Earning up to 9 Part II MOC Points

  • Attend the Community Conference and provide responses for sessions that are attended via two digital surveys that will be made available each day on this page. 
  • Ensure your responses meet the MOC passing standard. Learners write a reflective statement that describes at least one new element of practice and make a commitment to change or maintain an element of practice. All answers must be submitted in full sentences.
  • In order to be eligible for MOC Part II, you must be accredited through the ABP and have ABP ID. 

Instructions for Preparing and Submitting your MOC Response Form

To earn up to 9 MOC Part II points, the ABP asks learners to reflect on the content during the Fall Community Conference, write down what they have learned, and indicate what practices they will maintain or change. We recommend that you keep the Thursday & Friday digital surveys open throughout the Community Conference and use them as a prompt for thoughtful reflection. 

To earn up to 4.5 MOC Part II points for each day for a total 9 MOC Part II points, please complete responses only for the sessions in the time blocks that you attend. There are two time blocks (morning and afternoon) that offer you an opportunity to self-assess and 2.25 points will be awarded up to 4.5 points total each day. Please review the sessions that will be available for educational credit below. 

**Responses must be submitted no later than Tuesday, October 31, 2023 to receive credit. Credit cannot be awarded after that date** You must also complete an attestation form after submitting the survey to receive credit. 


Thursday, October 26| 4.5 points available Survey link will be available during the conference

  • Time Block 1 - Thursday Morning
    • State of the Network and Executive Director Address
    • Pathway to Mastery Advancement and Outcomes
    • Parent Ignite Talk
    • Clinical Plenary: The Value of Observational Research in IBD
    • Community Proposed Breakouts I
  • Time Block 2 - Thursday Afternoon
    • Community Proposed Breakouts II
    • Role Specific Sessions

Friday, October 27| 4.5 points available Survey link will be available during the conference 

  • Time Block 1 - Friday Morning:
    • Research Penary: COMBINE Results: What Does It Mean for Practice?
    • Patient IGNITE Talk 
    • Community Proposed Breakouts III
    • Pathway to Mastery Learning Lab Breakouts
  • Time Block 2 - Friday Afternoon
    • Psychosocial Plenary: Depression Screening: Impact on Care, Setting Up for Success and Beyond
    • Final Thoughts/Closing Comments


How to submit Continuing Education Credit

All Attendees

Tell us what you think

Physicians, Nurses, Dietitians, Social Workers, Psychologists, Health Care Professionals Claiming Credit


⭐ Your attestation must be submitted to be receive any credit ⭐

If you are an American Board of Pediatrics accredited physician, you also need to submit your attestation form for MOC Part II using this link. You must have your ABP number to submit. 

CME/CNE/IPCE Credit Hours

Please review the Education Handout if you are planning to claim education credit. The following credits can be awarded:

  • 9.75 credit hours can be awarded for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™
  • 9.75 credit hours for Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) contact hours 
  • 9.75 credits for Interprofessional Continuing Education (IPCE) credits 

After the Fall Community Conference, we will share the Conference Evaluation with all attendees. After completing the evaluation, you will be redirected to the CCHMC CME Cloud to claim credit. You must submit your attestation in order to receive credit. If you have any questions or concerns, please email [email protected].

Digital Flyers & Opportunities seen at the Engagement Fair! Be sure to click on the image to download PDFs.

Improvement Opportunities



Research Opportunities


Patient Flyer                                                                                 Provider Flyer

Patient Flyer                                                                                 Provider Flyer



ImproveCareNow Flyers




Represent ImproveCareNow, the PAC or the PFAC during the Community Conference by purchasing merchandise at one of the shops below! 

  • Support the PAC and check out their tees, sweatshirts and hats
  • Check out the Parent/Family Advisory Council Merch Shop - coming soon!

A portion of the proceeds of the merch shop benefit the respected group or ImproveCareNow.

ImproveCareNow Fall 2023 Community Conference

COVID-19 Policy

ImproveCareNow will comply with all federal and local guidelines and will ensure our policies and guidelines are up to date as we approach the conference.


  • Masks are not required at this time as per current public health recommendations from the CDC and the Kentucky Department of Public Health. ICN will not be providing masks. If you plan to wear one, please bring your own. Please respect others who choose to wear a mask.
  • If you are feeling unwell or showing any signs of illness, we ask that you mask out of respect for all other participants.


  • Vaccines (primary series plus at least one booster) are mandatory for all those who are able to be vaccinated.


  • Negative tests will not be required as a pre-requisite to attendance as per current public health mandates. Attendees showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 are requested to test, mask, and avoid contact with other conference attendees.

Contact Comfort Level

  • At the time of conference check in, please indicate if you prefer other attendees to maintain social distance and you will be issued a red badge lanyard.


  • Participants requiring a private area for meals in order to maintain social distancing should contact Jen Savas ([email protected]) prior to the conference.

Testing on site

  • ICN will not provide testing/test kits on-site for participants.

Hospital stay

  • ICN will not assume responsibility for any medical treatment required during the conference for COVID-19 specific or other conditions.


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