Purpose: This study is investigating whether obesity is associated with worsening disease outcomes in children with Crohn’s disease. In particular, we will be reviewing data from ICN to see if children with newly diagnosed Crohn’s disease had differing Crohn’s disease outcomes at 1 year based on weight status (obese, overweight, normal weight).  The results of this study could help understand whether obesity impacts Crohn’s disease, which could be a potential treatment goal for children.

Primary/Secondary Outcomes:

  • Primary Outcomes: Proportion of children in Crohn’s disease remission at 1 year
  • Secondary Outcomes: Growth, laboratory markers of Crohn’s disease (such as sedimentation rate and blood count), steroid free remission, and disease activity based on objective indices all at 1 year.

Contact: Animesh Jain

Publication: Overweight and obese status is not associated with disease activity for children and adolescents with newly diagnosed IBD

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