I sit staring at what feels like a mountain of pills, my pillbox barely shutting. I just wish I could be a normal college kid. Taking daily medications sounds so simple and easy, but it’s often one of my biggest challenges. Trying to keep up with medications and even appointments gets very exhausting, especially since I’ve had to do these things from a very young age. I know nothing more than a life filled with pills and appointments. 

Taking and adjusting medications has been an immense struggle for me and I’ve had to encounter it many different times (and still continue to) on my IBD and IBS journey. When medication adjustments are needed, it can feel discouraging and very heavy for me. Often it means I have to add to my daily medications but not take any away, making my pillbox overwhelmingly full!

Even though I know each medication I take is there to help me, they still come with big feelings…and I’m learning, that’s okay! Difficult times have led me to skipping medications, feeling exhausted from pills, and ultimately avoiding taking important medications that my body needs so I can be myself and feel my best. 

Having the help and support of psychology has been important for me in countering these feelings of medication burn out. Letting my psychologist in on my struggles and looping in my GI on my experiences has been important and has allowed me a comfortable space to process these feelings and find solutions! Now my care team and I can work together to do what is best for me at that moment.

I know I will continue to go through ebbs and flows with my medications but something I’ve always told myself is, “I was given this life because I’m Strong enough to live it!” That is definitely something for me to remember when I'm riding the medication roller coaster!


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