Michael Seid supports ICN for his daughter.If you're a parent, you know. You know what you'd do for your kids. If your child is diagnosed with a chronic illness, you discover that you'd do even more.  Until a cure is found, part of what you'll have to do is work closely with your child's doctor and care team. This can be hard and intimidating but everyone knows the best care comes from everyone partnering together – communicating honestly, sharing the work, pushing each other towards the goal.


Have you seen our health care system? It doesn't always work that way. But imagine if every interaction with your child's care team felt exactly like that – like you were part of the best team in the world. And your team had access to knowledge and wisdom from other best teams in the world. World class teams networked together to make things better for your child and all kids who suffer? That's what ICN is building. And you know what's even better? Having the opportunity to work with ICN to make this happen. That's why I'm part of ICN – we're the cure for waiting for the cure.

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