ICYMI – PAC hosted another Social Media Week leading up to the Fall 2018 ImproveCareNow Community Conference. Social Media Week is one way we get excited for the Community Conference! It consists of PAC members putting together a series of personal and highly-focused quotes, pictures and stories, which we share widely to raise awareness of ImproveCareNow and IBD. In the past, we’ve answered questions like: "What is your IBD story?" "What or who motivates you to keep on fighting?" and "How do you/or the PAC raise awareness for IBD?" and in the Spring members shared what the ICN Core Values meant to them. For the Fall CC we wanted to share stories and examples of how we are Better Together.

These are our stories:

These stories are real examples of patients teaming up with others to make improvements. We hope each story will remind all our fellow improvers that we are Better Together. From physicians to nurses to dietitians to psychosocial professionals (and many more), the more we work together, the farther we can go! Thank you, ICN community! We hope our stories continue to inspire you.

The Better Together conversation doesn't have to stop just because #icncc18f is over. Let's keep sharing our stories of teamwork and how we are Better Together! Just make sure to tag us (@icnpatients), and we will repost on our social media accounts. We'd love to hear from you!


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We mentioned a lot of tools in our social media week stories, some of which are not yet ready to share. We're as excited as you are to have these resources available to the ICN Community - so they can help as many people as possible! While we work toward that goal, feel free to take a look at the many tools that are already freely available on the ICN website right now & sign up to be the first to hear about new tools as they become available!
We're talking about our NEW Body Image Toolkit on the Virtual Community Conference - happening October 4, 2018 at 6-8pm eastern. RSVP to get the webinar info and drop in for our presentation!

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