Kennedy S, Maddux MH. Patient-Clinician Collaboration in the Development of an IBD Transfer Toolkit. Pediatrics 144 2019;(3)

Within ICN, the Transition Task Force was created in 2014 to identify, test, and measure the impact of quality-improvement tools and strategies related to improving the processes of transition and transfer within the ICN pediatric gastrointestinal centers.* This task force has been led by a pediatric gastroenterologist and a pediatric psychologist (M.H.M.) with expertise in pediatric IBD and is composed of 1 patient with IBD, who is a member of the ICN PAC (S.T.K.); 4 additional pediatric gastroenterologists; 1 ICN quality-improvement coordinator; and a research coordinator.

This project evolved from the shared experiences of PAC members, namely our desire to have a resource that compiles transfer-related information deemed essential by patients. Recognizing the need and importance of transfer planning among young people and adults with IBD, we, as a patient (S.T.K.) and a clinician (M.H.M), partnered with the PAC to develop the Transfer Toolkit.

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