Dr. Fleurence serves as a Senior Advisor in the Immediate office of the Director at the NIH and as the Special Assistant to the NIH Director for COVID-19 Diagnostics. Dr. Fleurence is currently serving as Senior Advisor to Dr. Francis Collins, the President’s Science Advisor at the White House.  As part of the federal response to COVID-19, Dr. Fleurence co-led the Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics RADx-ATP program, a multimillion dollar program launched to scale-up of point-of-care COVID-19 diagnostics and high-throughput laboratories between May and October 2020.  Dr. Fleurence led the novel “Say Yes Covid Test” program, a national initiative in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and state and local public health departments. This program was the first in its kind in March 2021 to provide free rapid antigen tests through free online delivery to communities to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and served as a model for the launch the national federal program from the White House in January 2022. Dr Fleurence serves on the White House Pandemic Testing Board policy group, and the White House Office of Science Technology Policy (OSTP) Pandemic Innovation Task Force. In 2021, Dr. Fleurence was a recipient of the NIH Director’s Award for exceptional dedication and innovation in advancing COVID-19 testing and diagnostics efforts. In 2022, Dr. Fleurence was a recipient of the Secretary’s award for Distinguished Service as part a member of the Rapid Acceleration of COVID-19 Diagnostics team.

Prior to her role at the NIH, Dr. Fleurence served as the inaugural Executive Director of the National Evaluation System for health Technology (NESTcc) Coordinating Center in the United-States, a public private partnership between the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the medical device industry to improve evidence generation for medical devices. Previously, Dr. Fleurence served as the Program Director for PCORnet at the U.S. Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). She also served as the inaugural director for the PCORI Methods Program. Dr. Fleurence chaired the PCORnet Executive Committee from 2015-2017, and served as the vice-chair of the PCORnet Council. Dr. Fleurence has served on a number of Boards and Steering Committees, including most recently the Duke-Margolis’ National Medical Device Evaluation System Planning (NEST) Planning Board, the Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC) Board and the SMART IRB Steering Committee. Dr. Fleurence currently serves as the federal liaison to the ImproveCareNow Board of Directors. Dr. Fleurence received a BA from Cambridge University (United-Kingdom), a MA in business management from ESSEC-Paris (France), and a MSc in health economics and PhD in health sciences, both from the University of York (United-Kingdom).

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