Purpose: The purpose of this study is to identify the risk factors that are most important in developing severe UC (PUCAI >65 and/or colectomy), so that they can be mitigated and more intensive therapy can be initiated earlier in order to avoid surgery.

Specific Aims:

  • Identify risk factors for colectomy and severe disease in UC. Search ICN database to identify patients with UC who required colectomy or had PUCAI>65. Identify top 10 risk factors patients had in common. Compare and contrast risk factors to a case control group of UC patients in the ICN database, marked by physician global assessment “quiescent” and in remission. Check for statistically significant differences among the risk factors between the two groups.
  • Identify the medications patients used in each group. Assess statistically if certain medications were used or not by patients who had colectomy or PUCAI > 65.

Contact: Gitit Tomer

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