ImproveCareNow Community Conferences happen twice a year. While our community works together across the miles throughout the year, these in-person conferences provide an opportunity to work on developing and spreading QI and research skills and approaches; fueling our Network's use of data to drive and evaluate QI efforts; and developing partnerships that will lead to improved care processes and outcomes in pediatric IBD.

April 26-28 we will welcome patients, parents, clinicians, researchers, improvers, collaborators, and friends to the Spring 2018 Community Conference in Dallas, Texas and we hope you’ll join us too.

Take a look at our conference agenda! In ImproveCareNow we have a motto: all teach, all learn, which we really take to heart. As you review our agenda, notice those sessions that have been developed by members of our community, including patients and parents (hint: look for the tiny ICN logo). These sessions represent the interests and experiences of diverse community members, and a commitment to sharing seamlessly so others in ImproveCareNow can steal shamelessly and more patients with IBD can benefit.

Patients and parents are not only attendees at our Community Conference, they are presenters, facilitators, co-designers and active participants. Here are some sessions they're directly involved in:

  • Community Building & Engagement: Sharing Your Personal Story as an Engagement Approach
  • Research: Beyond the Research Subject – Engaging Patients and Parents
  • Community Building & Engagement: Patient Engagement at ImproveCareNow Centers – What Does it Look Like When it’s Working?
  • PRODUCE Study Meeting
  • Clinical: Complementary & Alternative Medicine – Partnering with Health Care Providers to Improve Clinical Outcomes
  • Community Building & Engagement: Building Your Local ImproveCareNow Community – Volunteer Recruitment at Your Care Center

Additionally, all members of the community (including clinicians, coordinators, parents, and patients) will have the opportunity to participate in a Community Collaboration Activity where we will work on Building myICNhome Together, an exciting resource we are developing for newly diagnosed patients and families.

We strive to offer something for everybody at our Community Conferences!

Following our successful test at the Fall 2017 Community Conference, we will once again be offering Part 2 Maintenance of Certification credit for pediatric gastroenterologists attending the conference. This opportunity has been made possible through collaboration between the American Board of Pediatrics and ImproveCareNow CME.

As the breadth of ImproveCareNow activities continues to grow, the diversity of teaching and learning opportunities during our conference breakout sessions has also grown. To help attendees navigate our many breakout options, we have organized them into the following tracks: QI, Clinical, Research, Data, and Community Building & Engagement. Tracks are now noted, and color coded on our agenda, making it easy for conference attendees to focus their learning in a single track, or attend a blend of breakouts from different tracks.

So, as you consider what you're most excited to learn more about, and think about the insights you want to share with our community, we encourage you to connect with us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook & join the Community Conference conversation no matter where you are! We will, once again, be broadcasting several of our sessions on Facebook LIVE, and encourage you to join us!

Our Spring 2018 Community Conference hashtag - #ICNCC18S - was created via Symplur and the Healthcare Hashtag Project, which is aimed at connecting the dots in healthcare social media. By including #ICNCC18S in posts and tweets from and about the Community Conference we can document and share learning and ideas, make connections with our colleagues and community, and spread awareness of ImproveCareNow and IBD.


Missing the Community Conference, or just want more ICN? On June 13, 2018 from 4:30-8:00PM ET we will host a Virtual Community Conference. Join us for part or all of this interactive session to learn more about what ImproveCareNow does, how we co-produce research with patients and parents to improve care for all kids with IBD, and how you can find ways to be involved that matter most to you. Info & RSVP here >>

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