I’m a therapist and the lead suspect of a murder. Well, I play a character that is!

I’ve always loved theater. I’ve done 12 performances, am on my school’s improv team, and have taken drama in high school every semester. One of my favorite things about theater is that you can act as anyone. It makes me feel better to play characters who have more problems than I do, and that’s saying something. Which is one reason why I’m so excited to perform my soap opera!

In my drama class we’re writing our own soap operas with only one requirement - someone has to die. My character is Dr. Blaire Hudson, a therapist for maximum security prisoners. The murderer is Bartholomew, who kills my other patients because he’s jealous, since he’s in love with me. Whoops.

My favorite part of the show is Blaire and Bartholomew’s fight scene. I love doing fight scenes, and I don’t let my disease stop me. I may get kicked in the stomach, punched in the face, and dragged across the floor, but it’s all in good fun. My only worry is that my ostomy bag will snag on something and rip off (yes, that has happened before)!

I think theater will always be more of a passion than a profession for me. I don’t intend to major in it in college, but it always has been (and hopefully always will be) an escape for me. Whenever my disease or life acts up, the stage has got my back. A week after my first hospitalization, you could find me rolling off the stage as Draco Malfoy in a parody play of Harry Potter.

The Greatest Showman, the most recently emerging musical, has a lyric that speaks for me: “I am brave. I am bruised. This is who I’m meant to be. This is me.”


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