The first question new parent partners often ask is: What should I do first? One of the first projects I worked on with my team was to create “CHOC’s Guide for your IBD Road to Wellness” – a handbook for newly diagnosed families.

From start to finish, the entire project took about six months to complete. Now, the handbook is one of the first things a newly diagnosed family receives when they reach out to me.

To create this resource, a multi-disciplinary team of care providers and I worked together. The handbook is designed for parents and children living with IBD. Its purpose is to help them fully understand Crohn's disease and/or ulcerative colitis, and how to manage it. Topics include:

  • Meet your team; What to expect from your IBD team; About my condition; ImproveCareNow
  • IBD Overview; Crohn's: disease & Treatments; Ulcerative Colitis & Treatments; Diagnosis & Testing
  • Common IBD Medications
  • IBD Diet & Nutrition
  • Psychosocial Issues: School & Activities; Transition Reliable websites, apps, FAQ's

I am proud of the completed handbook and am honored I had the opportunity to help create it. If you are a new parent partner, and you find yourself asking ‘what should I do first’ – consider creating a handbook that can help newly diagnosed families learn more about IBD and feel supported.


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