About 12 of us participated in the Cincinnati Children’s enteral nutrition challenge – including physicians, nurses, and medical assistants.

Here is a summary of what we observed:


Different folks had different preferences as to the type of formula and flavor of formula that they preferred. A number of people maintained their already active lifestyle (running or sports) and felt hungry on a restricted calorie diet. Many participants felt that adding fiber would have helped and that the carb/protein ratio needed to be individualized.

We learned that adding the Ensure “Breeze” or “Clear” as a snack helped, and that adding something salty broke up the monotony of sweet flavors from supplements. Participants tried broth, nuts, peanuts or crackers to add the saltiness.

Socially, it felt difficult to interact at home with family if we were sticking to this specific “diet”. It’s quite incredible to recognize how much of our socializing centers around food and eating. This brought real awareness and appreciation of the challenges facing families and patients when they choose enteral nutritional as a treatment choice.

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